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New Version of GbWhatsapp – Download Link

GbWhatsapp App

The latest version of the GbWhatsapp App is now available for download. The latest version has a number of improvements and new features, which users will love. There are a number of reasons why people may want to download GbWhatsapp.


Some people are concerned about installing the latest version of GbWhatsapp. They fear that they will accidentally install it and have all their information exposed. This is not the case as you can easily install the latest version of GbWhatsapp on your phone with just a few clicks.

How do I Install The Latest Version

If you do not want to install the latest version of GbWhatsapp on your device, then you can choose the old version which is still available for download. You can still use the app on the older version of your handset and enjoy all the features that are available in the latest version. However, if you want to have the latest features then you need to download the latest version of GbWhatsapp.

If you are worried about what you will get when you install the new version of the previous version of GbWhatsapp, you can be rest assured that everything will be just as you expect it to be. When you download the latest version of GbWhatsapp, you will find that it comes with a variety of new features that are designed to make you happy. You will find that there are plenty of new applications available which will enable you to share your photos with family members and friends, make instant messages, receive updates about your favorite celebrities, and much more.You might also want know more about find latest app on soft goza and download whatsapp.


The new version of GbWhatsapp also allows you to send files through text messages or email. If you do not want to go through the time and hassle of transferring files over the internet, then you should definitely opt for the latest version of the app. This will save you a lot of time and energy and will ensure that you do not miss out on any important event or occasion because you did not have the latest version of GbWhatsapp installed on your phone.


If you want to download the latest version of GbWhatsapp, then you can go online. There are a number of websites on the internet which allow you to download this app for free and will install it on to your phone without any cost at all. These websites are dedicated websites, which give you access to thousands of different downloads.


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How to Open and Convert DOC Files (Working Methods 2020)

Are you trying to open a doc file but don’t know how to do it or you have no tool to use? Don’t worry. We’re about to give you some of the methods you can definitely try for free. Keep on reading.

open a doc file

What is a Doc File

A DOC document is a word processing file created by Microsoft Word, or a different word processing program, for example, OpenOffice Writer or even Apple Pages. It might contain tables, images, formatted text, graphs, charts, page formatting, and publish settings.

DOC files are used to make a variety of documents such as letters, resumes, essays, and invitations. You can choose to store it in the DOC file format when you create a document in Word. The program makes a DOC file to store the contents and opened again for additional editing. When you’re done editing your DOC document you can print it or save it as a different file, such as.PDF or.DOT.

The DOC file was designated as Microsoft Word format in 1983. DOC files were stored in the same format up until Word 97 when a different version of this format was introduced and used by Microsoft Word 1997 to 2003. In 2006 version, the DOC file format was replaced by the .DOCX file format with the launch of Microsoft Word 2007. DOCX files store documents in the OpenXML format.

MS Word is the most known word processing application in the world. It includes each edition of the Microsoft Office suite and can be used in academic house, and business environments.

How to Open a Doc File

Microsoft Word (version 97 and above) is the principal application used for opening DOC files, but it isn’t free to use (unless you are on the MS Office free trial).

But, there are free alternatives to Microsoft Office offering support for DOC documents, such as LibreOffice Writer, OpenOffice Writer, and WPS Office Writer. DOC files can edit and open.

If you do not have a word processor on your computer, and don’t want to add one, Google Docs is a decent alternative to MS Word that allows you upload DOC files into your Google Drive account to view, edit, and even share the file through your web browser. It is much faster to do this route rather than installing a word processor application.

Microsoft has its own free Word Viewer which allows you view DOC files (not edit) without needing any MS Office apps on your PC.

Can you utilize the Chrome web browser? If that’s the case, you can start DOC files pretty fast with Google’s free Office Editing for Doc, Sheets & Slides extension. This instrument will open DOC files right in your browser which you run into online you don’t have to save them into your computer and then open them again. It also lets you editing it using Google Docs or drag a neighborhood DOC file right and start reading it.

Additionally, see this list of Free Word Processors for some extra free programs that can open DOC files.

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How to open .doc documents in Windows 10?

You can view .doc files on Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word is the default application to view and create .doc documents on Mac and Windows operating systems. There are applications

To start .doc documents you need to have set up Microsoft Office or any applications. If you do not have Microsoft Office on your computer, visit Microsoft store to purchase it here. However, we’ve got free choice software to open view and edit it. Download OpenOffice, enjoy the boundless Microsoft Office features for free!

Open .doc files with TextEdit in Mac

  • Press”Command-Shift-A” on your Mac’s keyboard to open applications list.
  • Double-click”TextEdit” to open the app.
  • Click”File.” A drop-down menu opens.
  • Click “Open.” An”Open” window appears in which you can pick a document.
  • Double-click the Word file you wish to start. The document opens into TextEdit.

Alternative Tools

We have alternative applications to view and edit Microsoft Word.doc documents in any system. Here’s the list of Microsoft Word alternative software that are famous. They are free.

  • OpenOffice
  • AbiWord
  • Jarte
  • WPS Office 2016 Free
  • SoftMaker FreeOffice

Alternative Online Tools

You may view and edit Microsoft Word .doc files with above alternative applications. You can also see and edit .doc files on the internet for free without undermining to the caliber. This is online portal site where you can view .doc files.

  • Dropbox Paper
  • Office Online suite.
  • Google Docs
  • Etherpad

Convert Doc Files to Different Format

Convert .doc into .docx offline

To convert .doc file to .docx, you need to have Microsoft Word installed on your computer or some other applications. Follow below steps to save documents as docx format.

Note: Office 2003 or earlier models cannot open .docx documents. Make sure you have Office 2007 or the later versions to open .docx files or over softwares.

  • Open .doc documents with Microsoft Word.
  • Visit Document > Save .
  • Select the Folder or Path where you would like to save the file.
  • Name the file or rename the document
  • Click on Save as types drop down menu. Select Word Document (*.docx)
  • Click Save.

There are webpages or several tools accessible to convert .doc documents into .docx format. You can just visit and type as doc into docx converter you will find several.

Or you could go to this site. Drag and drop to convert documents in this website:

The way to convert .doc into .pdf file format?

Convert .doc to .pdf offline

  • Open .doc documents with Microsoft Word.
  • Visit File > Save .
  • Select the Folder or Trail where you would like to store the document.
  • Name the file or rename the document
  • Click on Save types drop down menu. PDF (*.PDF)
  • Click on Save.

Final Thoughts

Still can’t open a doc file? Reach out to our team so we can help you. You may directly send us a message or you can leave a comment below.

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Windows Not Updating Automatically

Windows Update Service is Not Running

A common issue with Windows update is the message that says  “Windows Update cannot currently check for updates, because the service is not running.”  If you are a Windows user, then you probably had encountered this issue once.

Windows is constantly updating its systems for its better performance. Some of us like updating, while others just stick to what has been installed on their computers. Updates are good, however, it sometimes caused our devices to crash. And worst case scenario, it can destroy our computers which we don’t like to happen.

But what if Windows sent you a reminder that your computer needs an update? Or, you want to check for an update to install on your device? And you just saw an error message that Windows update service is not running?

Fix “Windows Update Service is Not Running” Error

Here is a video that will help you solve a Windows update problem on your device. You can apply it to your Windows 10/8/8.1/7 and works for almost all computer manufacturers.

Note: The updates for Windows depends on your system. Not all updates can be installed and are compatible with your device. So it is better to check the system requirements of Windows updates before doing anything.

Other Methods to Try

If the above video didn’t help you fix the problem, try the following methods:

Solution 1: Run Troubleshooter

Windows has a troubleshooter which you can use to automatically fix some of the errors that may occur on your device. To run the troubleshooter:

Step 1. Click the Start button on your computer. Search for Troubleshooting and click it.

Step 2. Under System and Security, click “Fix Problem with Windows Update.”

Step 3. When the troubleshooter window opened, click the Next button.

Step 4. Windows will automatically detect the problem and suggest solutions on fixing it. Simply follow the instructions until it finished.

After doing these steps, run your Windows Update and see if the problem has been fixed. If this does not work, try the next one.

Solution 2: Check for Virus and Threats

Sometimes, Windows update error occurs because your device is infected by a virus or any malicious software. You should scan your computer to see if it is at risk.

To do this, you may need any antivirus or a program that will remove the threat on our computer. Try the Malicious Software Removal Tool from Microsoft. It is released as part of Windows Update to help you enhance your device and run without any issue.

Have you tried using Psiphon? The good news is that Psiphon is now downloadable and can be installed on your PC and doing it is easy peasy. Learn to do it here.

In Conclusion

The “Windows Update Service is not running” issue can be fixed by various methods and tools. I suggest you try the methods and see which one works for you the best.

If you have comments regarding this post, you can leave them inside the comment box below. You can also send us your questions and we will try to help you as soon as we can.

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